dinsdag 18 april 2017

NatureSpiritDesigns Outfit

I got beautiful clothes sponsored by NatureSpiritDesign and I wanted to do a nice photoshoot for a while, but due to sickness and the cold I didn't find the time. Luckily this weekend there were a few sunrays and I decided to do the shoot today!

I just really love the feel of these clothes! They're made of really nice stretchy material and just fit perfectly :)
I felt like a woodland fairy wearing them <3 

Where you can find the particular items in the pictures:

Marjolein Hoekendijk

Marjolein Hoekendijk

Marjolein Hoekendijk

Marjolein Hoekendijk

Marjolein Hoekendijk

Marjolein Hoekendijk

Marjolein Hoekendijk

Marjolein Hoekendijk

Marjolein Hoekendijk

BONUS! Weird behind the scenes photos xD 

Marjolein Hoekendijk

Marjolein Hoekendijk

Viking market Erve Eme 2017

Last saturday I went to a Viking market with my lovely friends Jennifer and Ruben.
It was way colder than I expected and I was very underdressed and cold!
Luckily Jennifer brought arm warmers, a cape and a sheepskin with her for me, so I was a bit more comfortable and didn't freeze to death!

I made a lot of pictures and Jennifer made some pictures of me:

marjolein hoekendijk viking hairmarjolein hoekendijk viking hair

This was my hairstyle for the day, I liked it very much and I'll probably going to wear it the same way to Elfia.

I love all the details in this picture, especially the blankets and food.

The lady from this stall learned Jennifer and me to spin wool in the old way! It was very addicting and I think we spend half an hour just spinning and talking with her. She was also very kind and interesting. Now I really want to buy/make a drop spindle.

This is a friend from highschool, but I didn't recognize him at first because of course I've never seen him in clothes like that in school haha. It was fun to talk and catch up with him.

Badass Jennifer! That shield was really heavy, 20 kgs! I couldn't even stretch my arm while holding it :(

This talented woman only started playing the harp in November, can you freaking believe that?! Insane!

These are some pictures Jennifer took of me, check out her photography facebook page 

Marjolein Hoekendijk

Marjolein Hoekendijk

I really adore these pictures! 

I had a very nice strand of beads, but unfortunately I broke them while at the market! :( Luckily I found almost all the beads back, but still it was very sad.

BONUS! There was a butterfly garden next door! 

Lucky Jennifer had one on her!

That's it for now! 
Expect a new blogpost very soon because in two weeks I'm going to Elfia :D

donderdag 29 december 2016

Tree houses

When I was just a wee elf my father made a tiny treehouse for me, it probably wasn't much bigger than 1x1 meter but I loved it with all my heart! It was my secret kingdom and I played almost everyday in it until it begin to decay.

Now I'm a 'grownup' but I still love treehouses! Especially the ones with a fantasy or elven touch~
So I decided to show you guys a few of my favorites and I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as me!

zaterdag 7 mei 2016

Elfia Haarzuilens 2016

Hi there!

It has been already 3 weeks after Elfia, but I decided I wanted to share my pictures anyway,
Like always, I didn't take a lot of pictures because I was distracted by all the beautiful costumes and markets :)
But I made a few pictures and I want to share them with you! 

This was my outfit, I made the scale mail top and belt myself (previous blogpost is the tutorial).
The bow and arrow are from WetaNZ, it's Tauriels bow ^__^
And everything else is just my normal clothing.

The weather was terrible, really cold windy and continuous rain :(
But the pictures were taken when the sun came out for a few minutes.

This lady made her costume all by herself with worbla!
It looks incredible <3 I can imagine she put a lot of effort and hours in it!

Beautiful necklaces I spotted, unfortunately they were really expensive :( 

And my fav cosplayer of that day, Khal Drogo!
I saw him when we parked the car and I was really hyped, but didn't see him after that :(
When we were leaving the park we saw him again! I was so happy! This picture is literally taken at the exit haha
Also, do you see how tiny I am compared to him?!

These were my only purchases on the market, but I'm really happy with them <3

That's it for now!
Have a lovely day <3

dinsdag 15 december 2015

Scalemail tutorial

Hi there!

Recently I got lots of questions about how I made my scalemail haltertop. I wanted to make a new one with bigger scales, so I decided this is the right time to make a tutorial about it!

What do we need?

  • Scales, mine are from thequeenring.com
  • Rings, also from the thequeenring.com
  • 2 Pliers
  • Thread to hold your scales in place

I always start with making a knot on one scale, this is so I can easily find the beginning.
Next you have to add one scale on both sides. Open one ring and put one scale through it. Make sure all the scales are facing you with the back (concave side).
Now you have a beginning!

What you have to do now is adding 3 scales, one on the left, one in the middle and one on the right.
I always keep in mind that the fourth row needs 4 scales and the fifth row needs 5 scales and so on. That way I can easily see if I made a mistake.

If you don't want to make triangular pieces this step is important for you.

Start with a normal row, let's say you make a row with 7 scales, like in my picture.

Now you have to add a row with 6 scales. Don't start on the far ends you would do for the triangular pieces, but start at the second scale. If you've finished the row it would look like this.

Now you have to make a row with 7 scales again and after that 6 scales again and repeat this until you are satisfied.

Now you know how to make scalemail, congratulations!