dinsdag 18 april 2017

Viking market Erve Eme 2017

Last saturday I went to a Viking market with my lovely friends Jennifer and Ruben.
It was way colder than I expected and I was very underdressed and cold!
Luckily Jennifer brought arm warmers, a cape and a sheepskin with her for me, so I was a bit more comfortable and didn't freeze to death!

I made a lot of pictures and Jennifer made some pictures of me:

marjolein hoekendijk viking hairmarjolein hoekendijk viking hair

This was my hairstyle for the day, I liked it very much and I'll probably going to wear it the same way to Elfia.

I love all the details in this picture, especially the blankets and food.

The lady from this stall learned Jennifer and me to spin wool in the old way! It was very addicting and I think we spend half an hour just spinning and talking with her. She was also very kind and interesting. Now I really want to buy/make a drop spindle.

This is a friend from highschool, but I didn't recognize him at first because of course I've never seen him in clothes like that in school haha. It was fun to talk and catch up with him.

Badass Jennifer! That shield was really heavy, 20 kgs! I couldn't even stretch my arm while holding it :(

This talented woman only started playing the harp in November, can you freaking believe that?! Insane!

These are some pictures Jennifer took of me, check out her photography facebook page 

Marjolein Hoekendijk

Marjolein Hoekendijk

I really adore these pictures! 

I had a very nice strand of beads, but unfortunately I broke them while at the market! :( Luckily I found almost all the beads back, but still it was very sad.

BONUS! There was a butterfly garden next door! 

Lucky Jennifer had one on her!

That's it for now! 
Expect a new blogpost very soon because in two weeks I'm going to Elfia :D

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