woensdag 23 september 2015

Elfia Arcen 2015

Hi there!

I had a lot of fun this sunday because I've been to Elfia again!
Elfia is a large fantasy fair hold at a castle garden, it is my favorite fair.
There are a lot of cosplayers but also more historical costumes.
I didn't go last year and I really missed it, I was so happy to go back!

I was doubting whether or not to cosplay Tauriel again like last time.
But I decided to wear my beautiful sponsored clothing from Funky Chick Clothing.

On facebook and instagram I read that a lot of my friends were also going, but unfortunately I didn't see anybody on the fair. Which was a total bummer!

This is the only foto I took of my and a cosplayer, I was completely stunned by his beautiful costume! (do not know who the girl supposed to be, I think she was his girlfriend)

I'm not little, those two were massive!

 There was this awesome reenactment village! I loved their clothing and the dogs fitted so much in the village <3

We spend some time frolicking through the castle gardens. Those were really gorgeous! I especially loved the waterfalls. I wish I lived closer so I could visit everyday.

There was also a beautiful barn owl which I got to hold!

I spilled mead on my shirt  

I was looking to buy a viking dress from the market, I couldn't find any unfortunately.
I did buy a beautiful split fluorite braclet and this amazing Mjölnir necklace!

Because I couldn't find a dress on the market I searched on the internet and I did buy this viking dress on Armstreet yesterday.
I ordered it in brown with a green trim. I am really excited because this will be my very first viking dress! 

 That's it for now!

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